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Rethymno Town

Rethymno is the heart of Crete and one of the most charming places of Greece.

Rethymno with Mt. Psiloritis and its deep blue sea, with evidence of 4.500 years civilization, with many Byzantine churches and monasteries, with magical Venetian monuments, with the most well kept Renaissance cities in Greece, with endless beaches, caves, gorges, unique flora and fauna, is waiting for you.

Here, people live together with nature and emotion, far from the codes of city life. Wherever you go, even if it is the most distant village, the locals will open their doors and they will immediately offer you a ‘raki’, they will become your friends.

Rethymno is the birthplace of Zeus, God of hospitality. The large number of repeater guests confirms the words of the poet :«Rethymno is not a place that you go to, but it is where you return».

The state of Rethymno has maintained its color and character of the Venetian and Turkish era. Rethymnon, the capital of the prefecture of Crete has many tourists during the summer while the 7000 active students keep the city lively during the remainder of the year. The city’s population stands at 27,868 inhabitants, while the population of the Municipality is 31,687.

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